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AMT first offered sand-cast passenger cars in New York Central and Pennsylvania liveries. Later on they produced their steamlined extruded aluminum passenger cars in both corrugated and smooth roof versions. Included were road names for the Baltimore & Ohio, Chicago & North Western, New York Central, Pennsylvania, Santa Fe, Southern and Texas Special. The cars measure about 14" from end to end. Kusan-Auburn later marketed these passenger cars after they obtained the tooling from AMT.

Pictured below are the nine cataloged versions of Santa Fe passenger cars with smooth roofs. Note there are two variations for catalog number 2002.

AMT Santa Fe Mail Express

AMT catalog number 2001. Santa Fe 3407 U.S. Mail Railway Post Office.

AMT Santa Fe Indian Lake roomette

AMT catalog number 2002. Santa Fe Indian Lake roomette.

AMT Santa Fe Indian Scout roomette

AMT catalog number 2002. Santa Fe Indian Scout roomette.

AMT Santa Fe Diner

AMT catalog number 2003. Santa Fe Diner.

AMT Santa Fe Buena Vista - Vista Dome

AMT catalog number 2004. Santa Fe Buena Vista - Vista Dome.

AMT Santa Fe Indian Arrow observation

AMT catalog number 2005. Santa Fe Indian Arrow observation car.

AMT Santa Fe observation drumhead

Santa Fe Super Chief, Indian Arrow observation car rear drumhead.

AMT Santa Fe day coach

AMT catalog number 2006. Santa Fe 3160 day coach.

AMT Santa Fe crew combination

AMT catalog number 2007. Santa Fe 5260 crew combination car.

AMT Santa Fe baggage car

AMT catalog number 2008. Santa Fe 4170 baggage car.

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