American Model Toys - AMT Custom Decorated

The rolling stock on this page have a metal AMT chassis with "324-4 NPC 2" inscribed underneath. The couplers, trucks and wheels are AMT style. However, the plastic bodies have been custom painted by a previous owner with decals applied for the lettering, numbers and graphics.

AMT custom decorated Pennsylvania stock car

Pennsylvania yellow and tuscan red stock car.

AMT custom decorated Boston and Maine boxcar

Boston and Maine 80229 glossy blue boxcar. Photo courtesy of the G. Clarke collection.

AMT custom decorated IGA boxcar

Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) 99023 Union Refrigerator Transit Company yellow and brown boxcar. Compared to the Boston and Maine boxcar above, the plastic car body is missing the single step on the lower left and side rivet columns. It's been suggested these details were wet-sanded off to accommodate the car grahics. Photo courtesy of the G. Clarke collection.

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