Northern Alabama Toy Train Layouts 1964 - 1980

I had toy train layouts in northern Alabama for 16 years. The layouts at that time were set up during the holidays in our "playroom." This room had ping pong and pool tables that were used as layout supports. I have many fond layout memories from this period. The photos on this page were taken during the late 1970's.

Pool table layout - view 1 Pool table layout - view 3
Pool table layout - view 2 Ping pong table layout

In the photos above there are two different sized plywood boards put together to form one large layout. The smaller 4' x 6' board was my original train board and layout from 1963. The larger 4' x 8' board was added later when my brother received his train set in 1973. Originally these were two separate layouts but, after some study and modification, I was able to connect them together to form one large layout; while still maintaining the original design integrity of each. The combined layout made extensive use of Lionel's trestle set. It was exciting to run a full freight at the highest speeds around the O27 curves in order to make the upgrade ahead!

Lionel postwar # 237 steam engine Plasticville switch tower at the end of a siding

Above are a couple of close-up shots. The photo on the left is the steam engine from my first train set. It is a Lionel # 237 looking pretty impressive from this angle. The photo on the right is of a Plasticville Junction switch tower at the end of a siding. I almost melted a hole in the roof of the switch tower when I put a light bulb inside for illumination!

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