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Robert's Trains Website Awards

MainLines East Top Site Award

The MainLines East webmaster is a fan of Eastern American railroads. The site lists the top websites awarded. There are no specific award criteria listed on the site. The picture on the award was taken in Maine at The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Readville Facility. Pictured are two EMD/AMF Techno-Transport GP40MC locomotives.

The Railroad Artists Award

The Railroad Artists Award honors individuals who through hard work, and perseverance, have produced a website that not only is railroad-oriented, but has high artistic and creative content. Other criteria include substantial content, good layout and design, family friendly, and grammatical and legible. Both commercial and non-commercial sites may apply for the award.

Hermann's Railroad Award

This award is offered by a German steam railways site. Hermann is the webmaster's name. The website is written in German, but has also been translated to English. The criteria to qualify for the award are no adult or illegal material, railroad-related, no links-only sites and the site must be interesting enough for return visits. The locomotive on the award was photographed at the main train station in Regensburg, Germany.

My site is also a Golden Web Award winner!

The Golden Web Award is a service of The International Association of Web Masters and Designers and is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

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Inactive Awards

The Great Site Award

The Great Site Award was offered to railway-related sites by the Australian Model Railway Association. Site construction made up 20 percent of the score, followed by design at 40 percent and content 40 percent. A site that received 78 points or more was awarded and listed on their winners page.

This site is a winner of the prestigious Web Gem Award!

The coveted Web Gem Award was bestowed on railroad-oriented websites that met or exceeded the minimum criteria and had been recommended by the site's webmaster (or designer) or the users and staff of All railroad-related websites, personal or corporate, were eligible to be evaluated for the Web Gem Award.

CSB Award Program

The Italian site Ciosbahn sponsored the CSB Award and had three levels of achievement. At least 70 points were required to win an award. The points were broken down into categories: 40 for content; 37 for design; and 23 for navigation. Of these points, 81 were needed to win the silver, and 91 were required to win the gold award.

Nutsplitter's Great Site Award

A Nutsplitter was a railroad mechanic who could split a nut without damaging the threads of a bolt. The webmaster of the Oh Canada website was a Nutsplitter and his site sponsored this award. The award featured Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight No. 4449 in Los Angeles. The award was bestowed on any family friendly site.

The Green Light Award from Tandem Associates

The Green Light Award Program, offered by Tandem Associates, recognized webmasters who had built great websites about trains or model trains. It started as a single level award program, and had expanded to four levels before they stopped accepting award applications. The main award criteria included content, construction, design and navigation. At least 70 out of a possible 106 points were needed to get an award.

The Roundhouse of Recognition(TM) badge of honor from Railroad Award Sites

The Roundhouse of Recognition Badge recognized those sites that achieved five or more railroad-related awards listed with the now-defunct Railroad Award Sites. One star was added to the badge for sites that earned 5-9 awards; two stars for 10-14 awards; and three stars were given to sites that earned 15 or more awards. The badge featured a graphic of the Pennsylvania Railroad's repair facility in Altoona, PA.

The Smokin' Award at

This used to be the ultimate of all railroad awards. The award was difficult to win and award seekers had their sites thoroughly examined. A list of gold, silver, and bronze winners of this award was available on the site.

Waldovia Web Site Awards

This started as a five-tiered award program offered by the United Kingdom's Waldovia State Railways. Each of the awards pictured a different locomotive and were graded by stars, with five being the highest. There were 55 items in their grading criteria. Website design was graded the heaviest, followed by content, navigation, scripting and creativity. The award changed to a single-tier program before becoming inactive.

Dave's Tracks of Excellence Award

Dave ran his "Tracks of Excellence Award" program and, if he felt that your site was deserving, he would send you his award and list your site among his winners.

American Railroads Folklore Award

The American Railroads Folklore Award was for any website that pertained to factual or fictional stories on the subject of American Railroads. Other awards offered by the site were for outstanding and excellent web pages.

The Silver City Station Award

For The City Station Award, a site was graded using a point system. A total of 105 points could be earned - 10 points for meeting the minimum criteria, 20 points each for construction and navigation, 25 points each for design and content and five additional bonus points for impressing the webmaster. The City Station Award featured a Concord Railroad (predecessor of the Boston and Maine) locomotive sitting in front of the Nashua roundhouse.

The Bronze Highball Award from the Train Gifs Station!

The Highball Award had three levels: gold, silver and bronze. It was unique in that the winning site received a customized locomotive gif of the webmaster's favorite railroad.

The coveted Odonata Award!

This was a really great looking award. It's home was Dragonfly Landing, a site operated by the late Jackie Atkinson. Jackie offered nine awards in as many categories. The locomotive on the award is Abitibi # 30. It was photographed several years ago at Pine Falls, Manitoba. This was believed to be the last steam engine to run on a regular basis in Western Canada. When the photo was taken, the locomotive had been mounted on a concrete pad for display.

Bygone Monon Web Achievement Award

This award, in the former red and gray Monon Railroad (also known as The Hoosier Line) passenger colors, was for websites that were entertaining, interesting and fun.

Eisenbahnwallpaper Silber Award

This award was from a German railway site written in German. Gold, silver and bronze awards were offered. Before applying for an award, you had to join one of the webmaster's recommended web rings and sign the site's guestbook.

Model Railway Resource Award

Steve's Railway Pages offered resource awards for sites that contained useful information on a specific topic. There were awards for three different subjects: Model Railways, United Kingdom Railways and Australian Railways. There was no criteria for these awards other than convincing the webmaster that a site was a useful resource and fit one of the three categories. A list of resource winners with descriptions was kept on the site.

All Aboard Web Award

The All Aboard Web Award was sponsored by the All Aboard N Scale Trains website. Any train-related site was eligible to apply for this award. Application for the award was made by sending an email to the site's webmaster. The award site also hosted an N scale trains discussion group.

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