United States Toy Train Company Bay Area Rapid Transit


This San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) commuter train was produced by the United States Toy Train Company (USTTC) in 1978. The USSTC catalog number for the set was 514. Approximately 200 sets were made and retailed for $249.95. The three-car basic set consisted of a powered A unit, and non-powered B and A units. Additional B units were offered to make longer trains. The set has dual head and tail lights, and the interiors are illuminated. The bodies are made of aluminum and the end pieces hard plastic. The BART set is powered by a Marx double reduction geared motor, which allows for smooth operation at slow speeds. There is a two-position directional control that permits either forward or reverse operation. I made a video of a five-car BART train set in operation.

Some information on this page is from an article in the July 2008 issue of The Train Collectors Quarterly.

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