Kusan Bexel Special

This was a special promotional set made for the Bexel company, set number KF-1015. There were two color variations of the Alco locomotive. Twelve pieces of curved two-rail track, and four straight sections, came with the set. Also included was a KS-5 DC power supply, two power supply to track hook up wires, one track lock on and an RU-042 uncoupler.

Bexel silver Alco

Kusan Bexel Special 2716 silver Alco locomotive.

Bexel blue Alco

Kusan Bexel Special 2716 blue Alco locomotive. Photo courtesy of the M. Scruggs collection.

Bexel boxcar

Kusan unnumbered Bexel Capsules For Children boxcar.

Bexel tank car

Kusan unnumbered Bexel Vitamin Syrup tank car.

Bexel gondola

Kusan Bexel 5066 gondola.

Bexel caboose

Kusan unnumbered Bexel Special caboose.

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