Frank's Roundhouse - Factory Errors

Documented on this page are some factory error examples.

Frank's Roundhouse Lackawanna factory error - side 1

Frank's Roundhouse Lackawanna factory error - side 2

Frank's Roundhouse # 1. Lackawanna boxcar with road number 51225 on one side, in top photo, and no road number on the other side, in bottom photo. Photos courtesy of the J. Palmisano collection.

Frank's Roundhouse Santa Fe factory error

Frank's Roundhouse # 22. Santa Fe boxcar with the Super Chief paint scheme double-stamped on the map side. Photos courtesy of the B. Trappen collection.

Frank's Roundhouse Southern Pacific Overnight factory error

Frank's Roundhouse # 23. Southern Pacific boxcar with all yellow Overnight logo on this side and regular production red and yellow logo on the opposite side. Photo courtesy of the M. Smith collection.

Frank's Roundhouse misprinted Maine Central box

Frank's Roundhouse # 42. Maine Central boxcar with a Frank's Roundhouse white box stamped "OARNGE" instead of "ORANGE". Photo courtesy of the B. Fetterman collection.

Frank's Roundhouse Pittsburgh and Lake Erie error stock car

Frank's Roundhouse # 87. Pittsburgh and Lake Erie 21208 stock car. Road name abbreviation on car stamped incorrectly as "PL&E" rather than "P&LE." Often found in a white box stamped "85 P.&L.E. STOCK" instead of "87 P.&L.E. STOCK." Confirmation and photo requested of a correctly stamped car. Photo courtesy of the B. Trappen collection.

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