Frank's Roundhouse Trailer On Flatcar - 9100 Series, Page 1

Frank's Roundhouse UP TOFC

Union Pacific 9110 TOFC. Photo courtesy of the B. Fetterman collection.

Frank's Roundhouse LV TOFC

Lehigh Valley Railroad 9111 TOFC. Photo courtesy of the S. Wilson collection.

Frank's Roundhouse Southern TOFC

Southern Railway 9112 Containerized Freight TOFC.

Frank's Roundhouse RDG TOFC

Reading Lines 9113 TOFC. Photo courtesy of the B. Bartels collection.

Frank's Roundhouse NKP TOFC

Nickel Plate Road 9114 High Speed Freight Service TOFC.

Frank's Roundhouse PRR TOFC

Pennsylvania Railroad 9115 Tructrain TOFC. Photo courtesy of the B. Trappen collection.

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