Lackawanna Passenger Cars

This Lackawanna passenger car set was originally made by Williams Electric Trains. Custom Trains added "The Phoebe Snow" logo to the car sides. At least one Lackawanna five-car set has been documented with a # 530 Chenango Pullman (last photo on page) and a # 543 Tobyhanna Pullman instead of the # 543 Tunkhannock and # 658 Tobyhanna. The photos on this page are courtesy of the B. Fetterman collection.

Lackawanna U.S. Mail Baggage Car

Lackawanna 2106 United States Mail Baggage Car.

Lackawanna Pequest Combine Car

Lackawanna 437 Pequest Combine Car.

Lackawanna Tunkhannock Coach Car

Lackawanna 543 Tunkhannock Coach Car.

Lackawanna Tobyhanna Coach Car

Lackawanna 658 Tobyhanna Coach Car.

Lackawanna Pocono Observation Car

Lackawanna 99 Pocono Observation Car.

Lackawanna Chenango Coach Car

Lackawanna 530 Chenango Coach Car.

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