Frank's Roundhouse - Bunk Car Information

On this page is some additional information regarding the Lackawanna Bunk Car.

Frank's Roundhouse Bunk Car identifying sticker

Lackawanna Bunk Car clear sticker, located on the car bottom, indicates it was built by Frank Rash of Frank's Roundhouse. NBT number 705-1431, completely redecorated by PVP in April 1986.

Frank's Roundhouse Bunk Car side markers and smokestack

The Lackawanna Bunk Car came with two clear side markers and one black smokestack, which were stapled in a clear plastic bag. The side markers plug into holes located on either side of the car, while the smokestack fits into a hole in the roof.

Frank's Roundhouse Bunk Car box end 1

One end of the Lackawanna Bunk Car box has a Frank's Roundhouse label. The label shows Frank's Roundhouse address and phone number, and was stamped LACKAWANNA BUNK CAR.

Frank's Roundhouse Bunk Car box end 2

The other end of the Lackawanna Bunk Car box shows the car was originally a Lionel U.S. Marines Bunk Car with a catalog number of 6-5727. Reuse of the original Lionel box was a cost-saving measure for Frank's Roundhouse.

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