Dulaney Enterprises Rolling Stock

The rolling stock pictured below were derived from Frank's Roundhouse production, but decorated by Dulaney Enterprises to commemorate various events/places. Dulaney was also a distributor for Newbraugh Brothers Toys. With the exception of the last photo on this page, photos are courtesy of the B. Batt collection.

1989 Gator Bowl boxcar

1989 Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL boxcar.

Pitt Panthers refrigerator car

University of Pittsburgh, Pitt Panthers refrigerator car.

Temple University boxcar

Temple University, Home of the Owls boxcar.

Battle of Antietam boxcar

Battle of Antietam, Civil War boxcar.

Battle of Gettysburg boxcar

Battle of Gettysburg, Civil War boxcar.

Operation Desert Storm blue door boxcar

Operation Desert Storm blue door boxcar.

Operation Desert Storm yellow door boxcar

Operation Desert Storm yellow door boxcar.

State of Ohio boxcar

State of Ohio, Home of the Buckeyes boxcar.

Pittsburgh City of Champions refrigerator car

Pittsburgh City of Champions, The Burg refrigerator car.

Frey's Merry Christmas 1993 boxcar

Frey's Evergreen Plantation Merry Christmas 1993 boxcar.
Photo courtesy of the B. Trappen collection.

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