Newbraugh Brothers Toys Rolling Stock

The rolling stock pictured below were derived from Frank's Roundhouse production. They were decorated by Newbraugh Brothers Toys (NBT) of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and, where noted below, in conjunction with either Darley Design, Dulaney Enterprises or Pleasant Valley Process. NBT designed, printed, and distributed custom decorated train cars for over 25 years. John S. Newbraugh started NBT with his brother in the early 1970's. He sometimes used the name John R. Blubaugh on NBT rolling stock. In 1978 he teamed with Seymour Knight, who pad-printed a variety of custom decorated theme cars for special orders and for distribution through Dulaney Enterprises in the 1980's and Mountaineer Hobbies in the 1990's. Their cars were mainly sold at the Train Collectors Association York, Pennsylvania train meets but, through the distributing efforts of Dulaney Enterprises and Mountaineer Hobbies, their custom decorated cars were sold nationally to civic groups, train clubs and private businesses who promoted their business or service through a decorated train car.

Special thanks to David B. Hollingsworth of St. Albans, West Virginia, who provided many of the above NBT historical details. The photos on this page are courtesy of the B. Batt collection.

ABC Express boxcar

NBT ABC Express Welcome Aboard boxcar.

Come See The Circus refrigerator car

Come See The Circus refrigerator car.
Decorated by NBT and Darley Design of Phillipi, WV.

Seasons Greetings/Happy New Year boxcar

Seasons Greetings 1991 and Happy New Year 1992 boxcar.
Decorated by NBT and Dulaney Enterprises (distributed by Mountaineer Hobbies).

Hy-Vee Grocery boxcar

Hy-Vee Food Stores 60th Anniversary boxcar.
Decorated by NBT and Pleasant Valley Process.

Train Nut refrigerator car

Eye + Am + A + Locomotive + Walnut = I Am A Train Nut refrigerator car.
Decorated by NBT and Pleasant Valley Process.

Merry Christmas/Bah Humbug boxcar

Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug boxcar.
Decorated by NBT and Pleasant Valley Process.

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