Frank's Roundhouse Lehigh Valley F-3 Cabs

The maroon and black Lehigh Valley F-3 cabs on this page were custom decorated on blank Lionel MPC era shells by Frank's Roundhouse. The shells have louvered roofs, blank number boards and silkscreened graphics. The cabs pictured below were mounted on a Lionel chassis by the owner. Photos courtesy of the T. Wardle collection.

There were also two different custom decorated variations of these cab sets done for the Pennsylvania Railroad - one in Brunswick green and the other in Tuscan (photos requested). Reportedly there were 20 to 25 F-3 sets made for the Lehigh Valley, and also for each of the two Pennsylvania versions.

Lehigh Valley 526 F-3 cab

Frank's Roundhouse Lehigh Valley 526 F-3 cab.

Lehigh Valley 528 F-3 cab

Frank's Roundhouse Lehigh Valley 528 F-3 cab.

Lehigh Valley F-3 cabs front view

Frank's Roundhouse Lehigh Valley F-3 cabs viewed from the front.

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