Kusan Gravy Train

This was a special battery-operated promotional set made by Kusan for Gravy Train dog food. Sixteen pieces of curved plastic track also came with the set.

Gravy Train switcher

Kusan Gravy Train battery-operated general-purpose four-wheel switcher. Battery compartment access, for two C-cell batteries, is on the bottom of the engine. The black switch on top of the engine controls power and direction - forward, off and reverse. Other four-wheel battery-powered switchers may be seen at this link.

Gravy Train boxcar

Kusan unnumbered Gravy Train boxcar.

Gravy Train gondola

Kusan unlettered and unnumbered Gravy Train gondola.

Gravy Train caboose

Kusan unlettered and unnumbered Gravy Train caboose.

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