K-LINE Electric Trains Boxcars

K-LINE obtained the tooling from Williams Electric Trains to manufacture their first boxcars. Photos on this page are courtesy of the B. DeBrooke collection.

Williams NASA boxcar - closed door side

For comparison to the K-LINE boxcars on this page, this is a Williams NASA boxcar. Similar to Kusan, the boxcar door was manufactured permanently closed on one side.

Williams NASA boxcar - open door side

The Williams boxcar door was manufactured permanently open on one side.

Williams boxcar brake wheel endWilliams boxcar end without brake wheel

Williams boxcar ends with molded in details. Note the absence of screws. Rather than using fasteners, Williams body shells were glued to the plastic chassis.

K-LINE Pennsylvania boxcar

K-LINE Pennsylvania 6407 boxcar. The doors can slide open and closed on both sides.

K-LINE boxcar end showing mounting hole for brake wheelK-LINE boxcar with brake wheel installed

K-LINE boxcar end showing mounting hole for brake wheel in the left photo and with brake wheel installed on the right. A single Phillips head screw secures the body to the chassis.

K-LINE boxcar trucks - side viewK-LINE boxcar trucks - bottom view

K-LINE boxcar trucks with operating couplers - side and bottom views.

K-LINE Southern Pacific boxcar

K-LINE Southern Pacific 6417 boxcar. Built in 1988, this was the first offical K-LINE CLASSIC boxcar.

K-LINE Monon operating boxcar

K-LINE Monon 7006000, The Hoosier Line, operating boxcar. The 7000 operating boxcar series also included New York Central 7005 green, New York Central 7007 Pacemaker, Railbox 7008 and U.S. Mail 7009.

K-LINE Timken boxcar

K-LINE Timken 6410001 Roller Freight boxcar. This was the first official K-LINE developed boxcar after the Kusan/Williams tooling was retired.

K-LINE boxcar metal laddersK-LINE boxcar metal grab barsK-LINE boxcar metal brake wheel

K-LINE developed boxcar upgrades from left to right - metal ladders, metal grab bars and a metal brake wheel. Metal brake wheels replaced plastic ones when production moved overseas in 1991.

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