K-LINE Electric Trains Gondolas

K-LINE obtained the tooling from Williams Electric Trains to manufacture their gondolas. Photos on this page are courtesy of the B. DeBrooke collection.

Williams Union Pacific gondola

For comparison to the K-LINE gondolas below, this is a Williams Union Pacific gondola. While the Williams and K-LINE plastic body shell details are the same, the trucks are different.

Williams plastic truck detailK-LINE plastic truck detail

Williams plastic truck with non-operating couplers on the left and a K-LINE plastic truck with operating couplers on the right.

K-LINE Bethlehem Steel gondola

K-LINE Bethlehem Steel 6510 gondola. This was the first gondola produced by K-LINE with the former Williams tooling.

K-LINE Santa Fe gondola

K-LINE Santa Fe 6512 gondola.

K-LINE CSX gondola

K-LINE CSX Transportation 6514 gondola.

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