K-LINE Electric Trains Hoppers

K-LINE obtained the tooling from Williams Electric Trains to manufacture their hoppers. Photos on this page are courtesy of the B. DeBrooke collection.

Williams Reading hopper

For comparison to the K-LINE hoppers below, this is a Williams Reading hopper.

Williams hopper undercarriage

Williams hopper undercarriage detail. Williams hoppers did not have doors on the bottom that could be opened.

K-LINE Reese's hopper

K-LINE Reese's Milk Chocolate 6240 hopper. This was part of the regular 6200 hopper series. The first car made in the 6200-series was a green Reading 6210 hopper.

K-LINE hopper undercarriage

K-LINE hopper undercarriage with bottom doors open. In 1987, K-LINE modified the former Williams tooling to make hopper doors that could be opened manually.

K-LINE hopper top view

K-LINE hopper top view with bottom doors open.

K-LINE hopper metal brake wheelK-LINE hopper air tank detail

K-LINE hopper metal brake wheel and air tank detail. Metal brake wheels were substituted for the old style plastic ones when production moved overseas in 1991.

K-LINE New York Central hopper

K-LINE New York Central 7112 hopper with automatic opening doors. Automatic doors were an upgrade for the 7100-series K-LINE hoppers. Other 7100-series hoppers included Conrail and Union Pacific.

K-LINE hopper automatic opening doors

K-LINE hopper automatic opening doors.

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