Kris Train Storage Boxes

Kris Model Trains utilized different train storage boxes through the years. The boxes in the photos below are stacked with the earliest box on top and continuing down to the latest on the bottom. The earliest white box is smaller and has a lift off lid. The later white box is larger and has end flaps. The earliest color box is predominantly black and orange. Printed on the side is "40 Customized Models of Railroad Cars." The next box down is also black and orange. It's printed with "Customized Models of Railroad Cars," leaving off "40." The last box in the series is blue and orange. This box also has "Customized Models of Railroad Cars" on it. Box photos courtesy of the B. Batt collection.

Kris train storage boxes - side view

Side view of Kris Model Trains train storage boxes.

Kris train storage boxes - top view

This view better shows the size difference between the two white boxes.

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