Kris Pullman-Standard Boxcars

During the 1930's, Pullman-Standard was the largest manufacturer of freight and passenger cars in the U.S. Only one Pullman-Standard variation is described in the Kris Model Trains chapter of Greenberg's Guide to Kusan Trains.

Kris Pullman-Standard calendar boxcar with black doors

Description should read "1970" calendar and "full" ladders. This is the only Pullman-Standard variation listed in Greenberg's. Photo and description courtesy of the B. Batt collection.

Kris Pullman-Standard calendar boxcar with white doors

Pullman-Standard calendar boxcar; white; black lettering and 1970 calendar; sliding white rib doors; full ladders. White doors variation not in Greenberg's. Photo courtesy of the M. Smith collection.

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