Kris Gondolas

In addition to the road names pictured on this page, Kris also produced gondolas for Amphenol and Louisville & Nashville. No gondola variations were noted in the Kris Model Trains chapter of Greenberg's Guide to Kusan Trains. A Kris Model Trains gondola factory print sample may be seen here.

Algoma Central gondola

Algoma Central 5522 black; round logo; white lettering.

Bessemer & Lake Erie gondola

Bessemer & Lake Erie 18022 orange; black lettering.

Chessie System gondola

Chessie System B & O 2551 black; yellow lettering.

Indiana Harbor Belt gondola

Indiana Harbor Belt 6004 black; white lettering.

Kaiser Aluminum gondola

Kaiser Bauxite Company Ltd - Kaiser Aluminum 5221 gray; black lettering.

Monongahela gondola

Monongahela 1220 black; graffiti; white lettering.

Ontario Northland gondola

Ontario Northland 140008 black; logo; white lettering.

Pacific Great Eastern gondola

Pacific Great Eastern 282 orange; caribou logo; black lettering.

Reading gondola with graffiti

Reading 265144 black; white lettering; graffiti.

Reading gondola

Reading 265144 black; white lettering; no graffiti.

Southern gray gondola

Southern 1602 gray; red lettering.

Southern green gondola

Southern 1602 green; black lettering.

Texas Mexican gondola with yellow lettering

Texas Mexican 641 green; yellow lettering.

Texas Mexican gondola with black lettering

Texas Mexican 641 green; black lettering.

Union Railroad gondola

Union Railroad 899 black; round logo; white lettering.

West Virginia gondola

West Virginia; no road number; black; yellow graphics and lettering.

Weyerhaeuser Timber black gondola

Weyerhaeuser Timber 101 black; round logo; yellow lettering.

Weyerhaeuser Timber green gondola

Weyerhaeuser Timber 101 green; round logo; yellow lettering.

Unassembled green gondola kit

Unassembled, unlettered and unnumbered green gondola kit.
The plastic bag contains parts for the trucks and wheels.

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