Kris Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Noted variations are from the Kris Model Trains chapter of Greenberg's Guide to Kusan Trains.

Kris holiday locomotive - left side

Kris Model Trains silver F-3 holiday engine, left side, 12-25 Merry Christmas. A Lionel MPC-era locomotive was used as the base. "KMT," "Kris Model Trains," and "Endicott NY" appear on both sides. This engine was not listed in Greenberg's.

Kris holiday locomotive - right side

Kris Model Trains F-3 holiday engine, right side, 1-1 Happy New Year.

Kris holiday locomotive - wreath

Some Kris Model Trains F-3 holiday engines have a wreath and "1979" printed on the front,
just below the headlight, while others have a blank front.

Kris holiday boxcar

Kris Model Trains gold 1974 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Railroad.
Variation (A) in Greenberg's.

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