Kris "Just For Fun" Boxcars

I entitled this page "Just For Fun" because these boxcars are non-prototypical. Variations, where noted below, are from the Kris Model Trains chapter of Greenberg's Guide to Kusan Trains.

Kris Kentucky Fried Chicken boxcar

Kentucky Fried Chicken 13760 "It's finger lickin' good;" white; black roof; brown sliding
panel doors; half ladders; particle board chassis. Variation (A) in Greenberg's.

Kris Colonel Hal Carstens' Bourbon Storage boxcar

Colonel Hal Carstens' Bourbon Storage Car 1971 Railroad Model Craftsman; yellow;
black lettering; red roof and ends; sliding rib doors; half ladders. Variation not in Greenberg's.

Kris Model Railroading Is Fun boxcar

Model Railroading Is Fun; no number; yellow; blue roof & ends; blue sliding
plug doors; half ladders. This is the only variation listed in Greenberg's.

Kris American Revolution Bicentennial boxcar

American Revolution Bicentennial 1776 - 1976 boxcar red; red, white and blue eagle
and flag; sliding smooth doors; half ladders. Variation (A) in Greenberg's.

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