Kris Unique/Custom Decorated Cars

Kris Union Pacific boxcar

Union Pacific boxcar; no road number or car data; yellow; silver ends and roof; sliding rib doors; half ladders. The KMT box this car came in was labeled "UP Boxcar error? No number or car data." This car is not listed in the Kris Model Trains chapter of Greenberg's Guide to Kusan Trains.

Morgan County State Bank car

Morgan County State Bank refrigerator car; no road number or car data; white; stamped plug doors and roof ice hatches; full ladders; coin slot in roof. This photo was sent to me by the former bank Chief Executive Officer. He related that there were only 10 of these cars decorated and presented to the bank's Board of Directors in 1981. This car started out as a KMT Union Pacific bank car, as it came in a KMT box labeled "UP Bank." Per a stamped label on the car bottom, the custom decoration was done by Newbraugh Brothers Toys of Berkeley Springs, WV. Note that Berkeley appears as "Berkley" on the side of the car.

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