Kusan-Auburn Passenger Cars

Kusan continued to market, with some decorating changes, the aluminum passenger cars originally created by AMT. The first four cars pictured on this page were from the M-K-T Texas Special set. AMT Texas Special passenger cars had aluminum colored roofs versus the red roofs shown below. The AMT and Kusan catalog numbers were the same for the passenger cars on this page.

The Texas Special Bowie roomette

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 1002. The Texas Special Bowie roomette.

The Texas Special Diner

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 1003. The Texas Special Diner.

The Texas Special Crockett Vista Dome

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 1004. The Texas Special Crockett Vista Dome.

The Texas Special Sam Houston observation

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 1005. The Texas Special Sam Houston observation.

The following four cars were from the Chicago & North Western set.

C&NW Northern Pines roomette

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 6002. Chicago & North Western Northern Pines roomette.

C&NW Northern Streams Vista Dome

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 6004. Chicago & North Western Northern Streams Vista Dome.

C&NW Northern States observation

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 6005. Chicago & North Western Northern States observation.

C&NW 4170 baggage

Kusan-Auburn catalog number 6008. Chicago & North Western baggage.

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