More Kusan Cardboard Signs and Structures

These cardboard signs and structures were assembled from cutout sheets included with some Kusan train sets. Each item was cut from its sheet using a scissors or razor blade. Folds were neatly made by first scoring the cardboard with a razor blade. No glue or tape was used in the assembly of these items.

Kusan signs

A grouping of highway and railroad signs.

Kusan billboards

Two billboards to place along a highway or railroad right-of-way.

Kusan crossing gate, assorted crates and a cable reel

Railroad crossing arm, assorted crates and a cable reel.

Kusan loading platform

Loading platform to use with the crates pictured above.

Kusan tool shed

Tool shed for use in a railway yard.

Kusan trestle bridge

Trestle bridge suitable for automobiles or trains.

Kusan oil storage tank

Oil storage tank for a rail yard.

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