Kusan K-Series M-K-T Boxcar Factory Error

Documented on this page is an example of a Kusan factory error.

Kusan M-K-T boxcar factory error side

In the photo above are two yellow Kusan M-K-T boxcars. The one on the left is fully stamped with "The Katy SERVES THE SOUTHWEST WELL." The boxcar on the right has part of the stamp missing - "The" before Katy, "S" in SERVES and "SOU" in SOUTHWEST.

Kusan M-K-T boxcar other side

Here are the opposite sides of the same two boxcars, that help to show what happened. Notice that the same letters are missing from the stamping on both cars because the doors are molded open on this side. It appears the stamping on the open door side was used on the closed door side of the factory error boxcar by mistake.

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