Kusan-Auburn Boxcar Kit

In addition to already assembled boxcars, Kusan sold boxcar kits.

KMT kit picture 1

Packing materials: KMT Electric Trains box; large tissue paper used to wrap the car body; small tissue paper used to wrap the doors; one crumpled newspaper section was used as cushioning in each end of the box.

KMT kit picture 2

Boxcar parts: Soo Line car body; metal chassis; two doors; parts bag.

KMT kit picture 3

Parts bag contents: eight wheels; two truck bodies; four truck side frames; four axles; four door guides (the black paint did not adhere well to the metal); plenty of door guide mounting pins (only eight needed); ten truck side frame mounting bolts (only four needed); four car body mounting bolts; three coupler mounting bolts (only two needed); two truck-to-chassis screw rivets; two assembled couplers; one brake wheel and pin.

KMT kit picture 4

One truck side frame assembled to the truck body with a bolt. The bolt is self-tapping.

KMT kit picture 5

The assembled truck before mounting the coupler.

KMT kit picture 6

Complete truck with coupler.

KMT kit picture 7

Two assembled trucks ready to be attached to the metal frame with two screw rivets.

KMT kit picture 8

An assembled truck mounted in a Lionel rivet press prior to riveting it to the metal chassis. A hammer can also be used to tap in the rivet, if a rivet press is not available.

KMT kit picture 9

Assembled chassis.

KMT kit picture 10

Since the body mounting bolts are self-tapping, it's recommended to use one to carefully make threads in each of the plastic body mounting posts prior to chassis assembly. Doing this helps to prevent the plastic posts from cracking during assembly.

KMT kit picture 11

Brake wheel attached to the car body end with a mounting pin. A rounded screwdriver handle is a handy tool for pushing in the mounting pin without damaging the plastic brake wheel.

KMT kit picture 12

Upper door guides mounted to both car sides prior to adding the chassis. The door guide pins were initially pushed in with the face of a flat blade screwdriver, then a vice was used to tighten them.

KMT kit picture 13

Bottom of the car after adding the metal chassis, doors and two lower door guides.

KMT kit picture 14

The finished boxcar, ready for the rails!

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