Kusan S-Series Set K-92

In 1958, as a cost-cutting move, Kusan introduced their S-Series trains. S-Series train sets utilized a K-Series four-wheel switcher for motive power. Each car that came with the switcher consisted of only three parts - a plastic body shell and two wheel sets. Pictured below are S-Series K-92 set components.

Kusan K-92 S-Series set

Kusan K-92 S-Series set rolling stock consisted of a switcher locomotive, boxcar, gondola and caboose.

Kusan set K-92 locomotive

Kusan set K-92, Minneapolis and St. Louis 127 four-wheel red switcher with white safety stripes and no handrails.

Kusan set K-92 boxcar

Kusan set K-92, Minneapolis and St. Louis 5066 The Peoria Gateway green boxcar.

Kusan set K-92 gondola

Kusan set K-92, Reading 4461 green gondola.

Kusan set K-92 caboose

Kusan set K-92, Minneapolis and St. Louis 900 The Peoria Gateway red caboose.

Kusan set K-92 track

Kusan set K-92, eight sections of curved metal track.

Kusan set K-92 power supply

Kusan set K-92, Model KS-4 Power Supply.

Kusan set K-92 warranty card and operating instructions

Kusan set K-92, warranty card and operating instructions.

Kusan set K-92 car boxes

Kusan set K-92 caboose, gondola and boxcar boxes. Generic K-Series boxes were used for the S-Series cars.

Kusan set K-92 set box

Kusan set K-92 set box. Interestingly, a battery operated train set box was used for this electric train set.

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