Kusan-Auburn F-7 Burlington Diesel Locomotive Cab

On this page are several views of a possible Kusan Burlington F-7 diesel locomotive prototype. It reportedly came in a bag from the Kusan plant closing. Also in the same bag were a few decaled freight car samples and two decaled four wheel switchers. Additional information regarding this cab is requested.

Burlington F-7 cab - side 1

Kusan Burlington F-7 cab - left side. The cab is painted light gray. The black and red stripes are painted. "BURLINGTON" and "F7" are decals. No side porthole windows are installed.

Burlington F-7 cab - side 2

Kusan Burlington F-7 cab - right side. Similar to the left side, except there is no "F7" decal.

Burlington F-7 cab - front angle view

Front angle view with road number 6755, Burlington Route and stripe decals. A clear windshield is installed, but no headlight lens. A black "322" number board was installed on the locomotive's left side, but fell out while examining the shell.

Burlington F-7 cab - inside view

This view shows the unpainted light green cab interior.

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