Kusan Cardboard Sign and Structure Set

These cutout sheets were included with some Kusan train sets.

Kusan cutout sheet 1

This cutout sheet contained all four walls of the "Kusan Villa" switch tower, and "SLOW School" and "Tunnel Approach" signs. The dollar bill in the picture provides some size perspective.

Kusan cutout sheet 2

The next cutout sheet included the "Kusan Villa" switch tower roof, a railroad crossing gate and base, and five signs - "Danger Falling Rocks", "High Voltage", "No Left Turn", "Traffic Light Ahead" and "Yard Limit".

Kusan cutout sheet 3

Lastly, this cutout sheet had a Kusan Model Trains (KMT) billboard, shipping crate for an automobile engine, and five signs - Highway intersection, "Railroad Crossing", "R.R. Property Keep Out", "Stop" and "Watch Children".

Kusan cutout sheets assembled

Here are the assembled Kusan cardboard cutout sheets. Each item was cut from its sheet using a scissors or razor blade. Folds were neatly made by first scoring the cardboard with the razor blade. No glue or tape was used in the assembly of these items.

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