Kusan KF-133 Powerful Diesel Switcher Train Set

Photos courtesy of the G. Clarke collection.

Kusan KF-133 K-Series train set

Kusan KF-133 K-Series train set included a switcher locomotive, flatcar with canisters, gondola, caboose, track and power supply.

Kusan M&StL switcher

Kusan catalog number 33. Minneapolis and St. Louis 127 The Peoria Gateway four-wheel red switcher with white safety stripes and no handrails.

Kusan flatcar with canisters

Kusan catalog number 406. Unlettered and unnumbered yellow flatcar with a smooth floor and two red canisters.

Kusan Reading gondola

Kusan catalog number 305. Reading 5066 black gondola.

Kusan M&StL caboose

Kusan catalog number 518. Minneapolis and St. Louis 900 The Peoria Gateway red caboose.

Kusan curved track with lockon

Kusan set KF-133, eight sections of curved metal two-rail track. Also shown is a track lockon to attach power supply wires.

Kusan Model KS-4 Power Supply

Kusan set KF-133, Model KS-4 Power Supply. This Kusan-Auburn Toy Transformer outputs 10 volts DC and has a Reverser switch to change train direction.

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