Leland-Detroit Monotrain No. 2000

The Leland-Detroit Manufacturing Company of Detroit, Michigan produced this monorail set in the early 1930's. The set consists of one motorized coach and two trailing coaches; four straight and eight curved track sections; 12 track posts; 12 support bases; one insulated wire clip and; two drawbar links to connect the cars together.

See the set in operation at this video link.

Leland-Detroit Monotrain track oval

Leland-Detroit Monotrain 4' x 6' track oval fits perfectly around this table! I use a prewar Lionel Z transformer, seen on the lower left, for power. There is an N scale track oval and power supply on the table.

Leland-Detroit Monotrain coaches

Leland-Detroit Monotrain vermilion red and cream yellow coaches. The powered car is on the right. There are two light bulbs in each car for illumination. "MONO ELEVATED 2000" appears on the car sides.

Leland-Detroit Monotrain motor top

Leland-Detroit Monotrain motor top showing manufacturer and patent information.

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