Lionel # 213 / 14167 Operating Lift Bridge

Lionel # 213 Operating Lift Bridge

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This is Lionel's # 14167 Operating Lift Bridge. The bridge is 17-1/2" high, 5-1/2" wide at the base and 30" long. The part of the bridge that raises is 20" long and lifts 6-1/4" in the fully raised position. The bridge openings for trains are 4-1/4" high and 3-3/4" wide. There is a video of this bridge in operation on my website.

The bridge was originally cataloged by Lionel in 1950 as the # 213 Lift Bridge, but not made. The bridge next appeared in their 2002 catalog, and was finally produced. It is perhaps the longest wait for a cataloged item in toy train history!

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