Lionel RailScope Video Camera System

A miniature camera is mounted inside a Lionel RailScope locomotive, which transmits a black and white video picture to a standard television. On this page are examples of RailScope regular production and prototype equipment.

Lionel Lines GP-9 RailScope locomotive

Lionel Lines 3000 GP-9 RailScope locomotive, catalog number 6-33000. In addition to a 9-volt alkaline battery needed for the separate receiver unit, the video camera system in this engine was designed to operate on one 9-volt alkaline battery or six 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries. The six AA batteries are installed in a battery holder, which is typically carried in a car directly behind the locomotive. The AA batteries provide three to four hours of camera operation. Lionel recommended operating the camera for no more than one hour at at time and then giving the camera components a 15 minute cool down period. Instead of using batteries, Dallee Electronics offers a 9-volt Battery Replacement for TV camera transmitters (9vBRTV). If using a 9vBRTV, the video picture will stop transmitting when track power is turned off unless a battery backup is utilized.

New York Central GP-9 RailScope locomotive

New York Central 3004 GP-9 RailScope mock-up used for catalog photography, catalog number 6-33004. This locomotive was cataloged in 1990, but never produced. The video camera system in this engine was designed to use track power instead of batteries.

Lionel RailScope TV sets

A regular production red Lionel RailScope TV is on the left. It has a four and a half inch screen. On the right is an early sample of a RailScope TV, which came from the Lionel archives.


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