Kusan Satellite Train KF-139

A video of this train can be viewed here.

KF-139 Satellite Train

Kusan catalog number KF-139 Satellite Train.

Satellite Train locomotive

Kusan catalog number K-39. U.S. 135 Alco 21938 locomotive. The lever on top of the engine may be set to Stop, Slow, or Fast. The Slow speed position is best for keeping the foam satellite suspended above the train while in motion. Note the large red nose light on the engine front.

Satellite Train Dynamic Injection Compressortron

Kusan catalog number K-902. USAX 123 Dynamic Injection Compressortron. The two electrical leads plug into the rear of the locomotive. A motorized blower inside the gray superstructure keeps the polystyrene foam satellite suspended in the air as the train travels around the layout.

Satellite Train gondola with nuclear gas bottles

Kusan catalog number K-310. U.S. Space Rocket Fuels 1776 gondola. It carries a load of 18 wooden green, red and yellow nuclear gas bottles.

Satellite Train drop center flatcar with blue cases

Kusan catalog number K-461. U.S. Army 123 drop center flatcar with two blue watertight cases. This car rattles when shaken. Apparently, Kusan added some weights inside the cases to give the car more weight.

Satellite Train Radioactive Waste tank car

Kusan catalog number K-704. Radioactive Waste X-723 tank car. Care should be taken when handling, as the handrails and ladders can easily come loose. The four corner steps are fragile. The tank turret has a hatch that can be manually opened.

Satellite Train Space Research caboose

Kusan catalog number K-521. U.S. Space Research 35543 caboose. The black directional antenna on the caboose roof is fragile and often broken off.

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