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     Robert's Lionel Trains Layout - Home Page
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Lionel O-Gauge Three-Rail Layout:
     Lionel Train Layout Track Plan
     Lionel Train Layout Accessory List

     Lionel Train Layout - Page 1 of 4
          Lionel Train Layout Overview
          Lionel # 12782 Operating Lift Bridge
          Lionel # 24111 Operating Swing Bridge
          Lionel # 213 / 14167 Operating Lift Bridge
          Lionel Girder & Trestle Bridge
          Lionel Prewar # 300 Hell Gate Bridge
          Lionel Motorized Drawbridge Prototype
          Lionel Prewar # 313 Operating Bascule Bridge
          Lionel Prewar # 55 Airplane
          Lionel # 970 Ticket Booth
          Lionel # 14082 Pedestrian Walkover
          Lionel # 182 Triple-Action Magnet Crane

     Lionel Train Layout - Page 2 of 4
          Lionel # 3472 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car
          Lionel # 3366 Circus Car and Corral
          Lionel # 3656 Cattle Car and Corral
          Lionel # 3356 Horse Car and Corral
          Lionel # 334 Operating Dispatching Board
          Lionel # 445 Switch Tower
          Lionel # 356 Operating Freight Station
          Lionel # 362 Barrel Loader
          Lionel # 364 Conveyor Lumber Loader
          Layout Control Panel
          Auxiliary Transformers
          Toy Train Maintenance & Repair

     Lionel Train Layout - Page 3 of 4
          Walt Disney World Resort Toy Monorail
          Lionel # 352 Icing Station
          Lionel # 264 Operating Forklift Platform
          Lionel # 164 Operating Log Loader
          Lionel # 12936 Southern Pacific Intermodal Crane
          Lionel # 342 Culvert Pipe Loader and # 345 Unloader
          Lionel Prewar # 191 Villa
          Lionel # 30 Water Tower
          Lionel # 497 Coaling Station
          Lionel # 350 Engine Transfer Table
          Lionel # 375 Motorized Turntable
          Lionel # 282 Portal Gantry Crane and # 165 Magnetic Crane

     Lionel Train Layout - Page 4 of 4
          Lionel # 175 Rocket Launcher
          Lionel # 460 Piggyback Transportation Set and # 462 Derrick Platform Set
          Lionel # 455 Operating Oil Derrick
          Lionel Prewar # 437 Switch/Signal Tower and # 440 Signal Bridge
          Layout Treasures
          Lionel # 397 Coal Loader and # 456 Coal Ramp
          Lionel # 419 Heliport Control Tower
          Lionel # 465 Sound Dispatching Station
          Train Room Wall Display Shelves, 1 of 3
          Train Room Wall Display Shelves, 2 of 3
               Lionel Postwar Helicopter Cars
          Train Room Wall Display Shelves, 3 of 3
          Lionel Prewar # 840 Industrial Power Station

     Robert's Trains Videos
          Train Room Overview
          Trains in Operation on the Layout
          American Flyer # 772 Automatic Water Tower
          Gemmy Holiday 2003 Animated, Light-Up By the Chimney
          Hallmark 2002 Circus Mountain Railroad Keepsake Ornament
          Hallmark 2004 Lionelville Keepsake Ornament
          KNG America Lionel Animated Train Lamp
          Kusan Atomic Train
          Kusan Satellite Train KF-119
          Kusan Satellite Train KF-139
          Kusan Train Layout with a Schuco Disneyland Monorail
          Kusan U.S. Navy Alco Pulling Six Flatcars
          Lionel Motorized Drawbridge Prototype
          Lionel Postwar # 197 Rotating Radar Antenna
          Lionel # 213 / 14167 Operating Lift Bridge
          Lionel Prewar # 250E Hiawatha and Passenger Cars
          Lionel Prewar # 313 Operating Bascule Bridge
          Lionel Postwar # 334 Operating Dispatching Board
          Lionel Postwar # 356 Operating Freight Station
          Lionel Prewar # 411E Transcontinental Limited State Set
          Lionel Postwar # 455 Operating Oil Derrick
          Lionel Postwar # 494 Rotary Beacon
          Lionel Postwar # 1655 Steam Engine
          Lionel Postwar # 2349 NP Giraffe Car Freight
          Lionel Postwar # 2379 Rio Grande F-3 AB Freight
          Lionel Postwar # 3366 Circus Car and Corral
          Lionel # 12782 Operating Lift Bridge
          K-Line by Lionel # 22583 Operating Wind Turbine
          Lionel # 24111 Operating Swing Bridge
          Menards Ambulance With Flashing Lights
          Schuco Disneyland Monorail
          USTTC Bay Area Rapid Transit Train Set
          Walt Disney World Resort Toy Monorail
          Western Coil Burlington Zephyr
          Williams Santa Fe F-7 AA with AMT Passenger Cars

     Lionel Prewar Production
          Lionel Prewar Steam Locomotives
          Lionel Prewar Streamliners
          Lionel Prewar 600-series Passenger Cars
          Lionel Prewar 411E Transcontinental Limited State Set
          Lionel Prewar 2800-series Freight Cars
          Prewar Lionel-Craft Boats
          Lionel Prewar # 455 Electric Range
               Lionel Electric Range - Original Cookware
               Lionel Electric Range - Logo
               Lionel # 454 Construction Kit

     Lionel Postwar Trains
          6464-series Boxcars
          Box, Refrigerator and Stock Cars
          Cranes and Searchlight Cars
          Diesel Engines
          Electric Units
          Hoppers and Dump Cars
          Motorized Units
          Passenger Cars
          Steam Engines
          Tank and Vat Cars

     Lionel MPC Trains
          Lionel MPC Diesel Engines
          Lionel MPC Boxcars
          Lionel MPC Giraffe Cars
          Lionel MPC Trailers on Flatcars
          Lionel MPC Tank Cars
          Lionel MPC Other Rolling Stock

     Lionel RailScope Video Camera System
          Lionel 1990 Book Two - Back Cover

     Lionel Train Club Convention Cars

     Lionel Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Boxcars

     Lionel (and other) Trains For Sale

Kusan O-Gauge Two-Rail Layout:
     Robert's Kusan Trains Layout - Home Page
          Kusan Layout Dust Cover

          Kusan K-Series Train Sets
               Kusan City of Frisco Outer Set Box
               Kusan City of Frisco Inner Set Box
               Kusan City of Frisco Set Components
               Kusan City of Frisco Scenic Incline Layout
               Kusan City of Frisco Paper
          Kusan K-Series Alco Diesel Locomotives
               Kusan K-Series Alco Locomotive Weights
          Kusan K-Series General-Purpose Four-Wheel Switchers
          Kusan K-Series Military Rolling Stock
          Kusan K-Series Boxcars
               Kusan K-Series M-K-T Boxcar Factory Error
          Kusan K-Series Drop Center Flatcars
          Kusan K-Series Flatcars
          Kusan K-Series Gondolas
          Kusan K-Series Hoppers
          Kusan K-Series Tank Cars
          Kusan K-Series Cabooses
          Kusan K-Series Direct Current (DC) Power Supplies
          Kusan Display Rack
          Kusan Cardboard Sign and Structure Set
          More Kusan Cardboard Signs and Structures

          Kusan Atomic Train
          Kusan Satellite Train KF-119
          Kusan Satellite Train KF-139
          Kusan Bexel Special
          Kusan Gravy Train
          Kusan S-Series Set K-92
          Kusan K-Series Prototypes
               Kusan K-Series Alco Diesel Locomotive Prototypes
               Kusan K-Series Boxcar and Flatcar Prototypes
               Kusan K-Series Tank Car Prototypes
               Kusan K-Series Prototype Texas Special Passenger Set

          Kusan Mexican Production

     Early Kusan-Auburn DUO-TRAC and Three-Rail Production -
          Kusan-Auburn F-7 Diesel Locomotives
          Kusan-Auburn 8000 Series Boxcars
          Kusan-Auburn 9000 Series Boxcars
          Kusan-Auburn Boxcar Kit
          Kusan-Auburn Drop Center Flatcar
          Kusan-Auburn Gondola
          Kusan-Auburn Refrigerator Car
          Kusan-Auburn Stock Cars
          Kusan-Auburn Caboose
          Kusan-Auburn Passenger Cars
          Kusan-Auburn Rail Diesel Cars
          Kusan-Auburn Two-rail Liftamatic Uncoupling Ramp
          Kusan-Auburn Type T-10 Toy Transformer

Other Featured Toy Train Makers:
     American Model Toys (AMT)
          American Model Toys - AMT F-7 Diesel Locomotives
          American Model Toys - AMT Boxcars
          American Model Toys - AMT Cabooses
          American Model Toys - AMT Gondola
          American Model Toys - AMT Passenger Cars
          American Model Toys - AMT Rail Diesel Car
          American Model Toys - AMT Refrigerator Cars
          American Model Toys - AMT Stock Cars
          American Model Toys - AMT Liftamatic Uncoupling Ramp

     Kris Model Trains
          Kris Union Pacific Bank Refrigerator Cars
          Kris Union Pacific Boxcars
          More Kris Union Pacific Boxcars
          Kris Union Pacific Refrigerator Cars
          Kris Pacific Fruit Growers Express Refrigerator Cars
          Kris Union Pacific Stock Cars
          Kris Unique/Custom Decorated Cars
          Kris Alaska Railroad Boxcars
          Kris Amphenol Rolling Stock
          Kris Apples from Yakima Valley Refrigerator Cars
          Kris Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) Rolling Stock
          Kris Gondolas
               Kris Multi-Stamped Gondola Body Shell
          Kris International Boxcars
          Kris "Just For Fun" Boxcars
          Kris Toy Train Club Cars
          Kris Wickes Lumber & Building Supplies Boxcars
          Kris Other Road Name Boxcars I
          Kris Other Road Name Boxcars II
          Kris Other Road Name Rolling Stock
          Kris Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
          Kris Railroad Coasters

     Frank's Roundhouse (Custom Trains)
          Frank's Roundhouse Index
          Frank's Roundhouse Spreadsheet

          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 1
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 2
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 3
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 4
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 5
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 6
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 7
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 8
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 9
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 10
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 11
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 12
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Page 13
          Frank's Roundhouse Boxcars - Chessie Trilogy
          Frank's Roundhouse - Miscellaneous Unnumbered
          Frank's Roundhouse Trailer On Flatcar - 9000 Series
          Frank's Roundhouse Trailer On Flatcar - 9100 Series, Page 1
          Frank's Roundhouse Trailer On Flatcar - 9100 Series, Page 2
          Frank's Roundhouse Trailer On Flatcar - 9400 Series
          Frank's Roundhouse Trailer On Flatcar - Season's Greetings
          Frank's Roundhouse Refrigerator Cars - Page 1
          Frank's Roundhouse Refrigerator Cars - Page 2
          Frank's Roundhouse Refrigerator Cars - Page 3
          Frank's Roundhouse - Woodside and Billboard Refrigerator Cars
          Frank's Roundhouse Stock Cars - Page 1
          Frank's Roundhouse Stock Cars - Page 2
          Frank's Roundhouse QSI Rolling Stock
          Frank's Roundhouse - Bunk Cars
               Frank's Roundhouse - Bunk Car Information
          Frank's Roundhouse - Brewery Cars
          Frank's Roundhouse - Coca-Cola
          Frank's Roundhouse - Mrs. T's Pierogies
          Frank's Roundhouse - Nabisco
          Frank's Roundhouse - North East Trains
          Frank's Roundhouse - Penn State
          Frank's Roundhouse - Stauffer's Disney Cookies
          Frank's Roundhouse - Train Collectors Association (TCA)
          Frank's Roundhouse - United Parcel Service (UPS)
          Frank's Roundhouse - Who Done It?
          Frank's Roundhouse - Factory Errors
          Choo-Choo Barn Boxcars
          Newbraugh Brothers Toys Rolling Stock
          Dulaney Enterprises Rolling Stock
          Custom Trains Fairbanks Morse (FM) Trainmasters - Page 1
               Custom Trains Fairbanks Morse (FM) Trainmasters Identification
               Custom Trains FM Trainmasters Catalog Sheet
          Custom Trains Fairbanks Morse (FM) Trainmasters - Page 2
          Frank's Roundhouse Lehigh Valley F-3 Cabs
          Custom Trains - 15-inch Madison Passenger Cars
               Delaware & Hudson Passenger Cars
               Jersey Central Passenger Cars
               Lackawanna Passenger Cars
               Lehigh Valley Green Passenger Cars
               Lehigh Valley Tuscan Passenger Cars
          Custom Trains - 18-inch Scale Passenger Cars
               Custom Trains Scale Madison Five-Car Sets Catalog Sheets
               Chesapeake and Ohio Scale Madison Cars
               Chicago and North Western Scale Madison Cars
               Denver & Rio Grande Scale Madison Cars
               New York Central Scale Gray Madison Cars
               New York Central Scale Green Madison Cars
               Pennsylvania Scale Tuscan Madison Cars
               Union Pacific Scale Madison Cars
          Frank's Roundhouse - Hopper Cars
          Frank's Roundhouse - Big Rigs

     Other Manufacturers
          AHM Virginia & Truckee Caboose
          Hafner Manufacturing Company Steam Locomotive
          Hallmark 1988 Dealer Store Display
          Katsumi / KTM Electric Locomotives
          K-Line Trains Desert Storm Missile Flatcar
          Marx Three-sixteenth Metal Scale Cars
          Menards Ambulance
          MTH Electric Trains
          NBT-PVP Three Mile Island Boxcar
          Pluto Water Refrigerator Cars
          Royal Chef Chattanooga Choo-Choo Charcoal Grill
          Skyline Westchester Plastic House Kit
          Taylor Made Trucks Flatbed with Lionel Lines Switcher
          Unique Art Manufacturing Company Steam Locomotive
          United States Toy Train Company Bay Area Rapid Transit
          Western Coil & Electrical Company Burlington Zephyr
               Western Coil & Electrical Company Burlington Zephyr Instructions
          Williams Electric Trains
               Williams U.S. Army and NASA Space Shuttle Sets
                    Williams Attack Force Army Set # 2300
                    Williams NASA Space Shuttle Transporter Set # 2320
                         Williams NASA Space Shuttle Transporter Set # 2320 Box
                    Williams NASA Space Shuttle Transporter Set # 2321
          Winross Diecast Trucks

Railroad Heritage and Past Toy Train Layouts:
     Robert's Toy Train Layout History
          My Railroad Heritage
          Grandpa's HO Gauge Marklin Layout
          Northern Alabama Layouts 1964 - 1980
          Florida Layouts 1981 - 1985
          West Coast Layouts 1986 - 1992
               First West Coast Apartment Train Layout
               Second West Coast Apartment Train Layout - View I
               Second West Coast Apartment Train Layout - View II
               Second West Coast Apartment Train Layout - View III
               Final West Coast Apartment Train Layout - View I
               Final West Coast Apartment Train Layout - View II

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Archived Toy Train Layout Updates:
     Archived Toy Train Layout Updates
     Year 2010 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2009 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2008 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2007 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2006 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2005 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2004 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2003 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2002 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2001 Toy Train Layout Update
     Year 2000 Toy Train Layout Update

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