Frank's Roundhouse Spreadsheet

On this page are some useful links if you would like to learn more about Frank's Roundhouse trains. The first link may be used to download a condensed version of the Frank's Roundhouse spreadsheet, which was created in the Microsoft Office Excel format. It is recommended that you first save this file to your computer hard drive before opening it.

If you don't have Excel installed on your computer, there is a second link provided which will take you to a web page for downloading the free Microsoft Excel Viewer. The Viewer will enable you to open, view and print the file without Excel installed on your computer.

Lastly, the third link will take you to the home page of the Yahoo! Group dedicated to the discussion of AMT, Auburn, Kusan, Kris, Frank's Roundhouse, and early Williams toy trains. A full version of the Frank's Roundhouse spreadsheet is available in the group's Files section.

Frank's Roundhouse Excel spreadsheet

Download page for the Microsoft Excel Viewer

AMT_Kusan_KMT_Kris_Williams_Trains Yahoo! Group

A big "Thank You" to M. Spanier, the AMT_Kusan_KMT_Kris_Williams_Trains group moderator, and B. Trappen, who has enthusiastically spearheaded the development and updating of the spreadsheet, for making the download available on my site.

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