NBT-PVP Three Mile Island Boxcar

NBT-PVP Three Mile Island boxcar

The first time I saw a Three Mile Island (TMI) boxcar was at the now defunct Lionel Train and Seashell Museum in Sarasota, Florida. Since it was in a museum of Lionel Trains, I thought Lionel had produced it. I found out years later it had been decorated by Newbraugh Brothers Toys (NBT) and Pleasant Valley Process (PVP). The NBT number stamped underneath the car is 505-1112. NBT-PVP used Lionel 9400 series boxcars, with 9700 series end plates, as a base for decorating the TMI boxcars. I was happy to finally find a TMI boxcar as a reminder of my visit to the museum in Sarasota years ago.

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