Taylor Made Trucks Flatbed with Lionel Lines Switcher

TMT flatbed truck with Lionel Beep

Taylor Made Trucks (TMT) flatbed with Lionel Lines 2002 four-wheel switcher or Beep locomotive. Using the former Kusan and Williams tooling, TMT produced an unpowered Beep and placed it on their own flatbed truck. This was an officially licensed Lionel product and was decorated in Lionel colors. It came equipped with switchable on-off truck and locomotive lighting and, at the touch of a button, truck motor and air brake sounds. The truck cab door is marked "Lionel New York, N.Y." The blue storage boxes below the flatbed are labeled "Lionel ZW Transformer" and "Lionel Hookup Wire."

The story goes that when Lionel found out that some people were detaching the Lionel Beep shell from the model and placing it on a powered chassis, thus making an unofficial Lionel powered engine, the license was revoked. This may be the only O-gauge Lionel locomotive produced and sold by an outfit other than Lionel.

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