Williams Electric Trains Industrial Switchers Cab Off View

Williams utilized three different motor drive configurations for the Industrial Switchers. One version used a single motor to drive both sets of wheels via a horizontal shaft. Another type used two motors, one to power each set of wheels. A third design used a single motor to power one set of wheels that were outfitted with traction tires. Single and twin motor examples are shown below. Photos courtesy of the B. DeBrooke collection.

Williams Mighty Mite single motor chassis

Williams Industrial Switcher single motor chassis. Additional weight may be added to the recessed area in the middle of the chassis to improve locomotive traction.

Williams Mighty Mite double motor chassis

Williams Industrial Switcher twin motor chassis. The black plastic box in the center of the chassis has a lid that can be opened. Inside the box are steel pieces used as weights to improve traction. A diode rectifier, labeled "CAT FWB-64 TU604 AC," is hidden under the black electrical tape. The rectifier enables the switcher to operate with an AC toy train transformer. However, this causes the motor to operate in one direction only.

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