Winross Diecast Trucks

Winross promotional diecast 1/64 scale trucks look good on a toy train layout. They are American made and contain over 100 cast metal parts. Every truck has an articulated suspension system and each wheel rolls independently on rubber tires. Winross uses authentic fleet colors and hand screened graphics on their trucks. The trailers have operating rear doors. Cabs and trailers are interchangeable.

Winross Bear Tire

Winross Bear Tire Company of Hayward, California.

Winross early Campbell Express

Winross early Campbell 66 Express with Snortin' Norton "humpin' to please."

Winross later Campbell Express

Winross later Campbell 66 Express with Snortin' Norton "Humpin' to Please."

Winross Carolina

Winross Carolina trailer with a Toy Train Operating Society Southern Pacific Transportation cab.

Custom painted Winross Dixie-Ohio Express

Custom painted Winross Dixie-Ohio Express. This was not original Winross production.

Winross Howard Johnson's

Winross Howard Johnson's happiness comes in 28 flavors.

Winross NBC Sports

Winross NBC Sports.

Winross Pacific Intermountain Express

Winross Pacific Intermountain Express.

Winross Southwire

Winross Southwire quality and service with every shipment.

Winross McLean Trucking double pup trailers

Winross McLean Trucking Company double pup trailers.

Winross Roadway double pup trailers

Winross Roadway double pup trailers.

Winross Darigold Rocky Mountain doubles

Winross Darigold Rocky Mountain doubles (one long and one short trailer).

Winross TNT turnpike doubles

Winross TNT Red Star Express turnpike doubles (two long trailers).

Winross TNT triple pup trailers

Winross TNT Reddaway Truck Line triple pup trailers.

Winross Strasburg Rail Road triple pup trailers

Winross Strasburg Rail Road triple pup trailers. The trailers resemble a train.

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