Kusan Atomic Train

The catalog number of this set is KF-110. A video of the Atomic Train may be seen here.

Sylvania Atomic Engine

Kusan catalog number KF-10. Sylvania USA Atomic Engine XT 2716. The machine gun turret on top of the engine swivels and the guns can be raised or lowered. The gun tips are very fragile and are often found broken off.

Atomic Engine

Kusan catalog number KF-10. USA Atomic Engine XT 2716.
This is the version without "Sylvania" on the side of the locomotive.

Atomic Reactor Car

Kusan catalog number K-801. USA Atomic Reactor Car 30100. As the train moves, the three red lights flash on and off to simulate fissionable material burning.

Atomic Cannon Car

Kusan catalog number K-802. USA Atomic Cannon Car 42010. Note the intact handrails, often found broken or missing, along the side of the cannon barrel. In the left foreground are three black "Atomic Projectiles" for the cannon. In the right foreground is a track trip which, when placed between the track ties, causes the cannon to fire while the train is moving.

Guided Missile Car

Kusan catalog number K-803. USAF Guided Missile Car 1389.
The "Honest John" rocket can be removed from the flatcar cradle.

Radar Fire Control Car

Kusan catalog number K-804. USA Radar Fire Control Car 20200.
The directional antenna on top of the caboose is often found broken off.

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