Kusan K-Series General-Purpose Four-Wheel Switchers

The first four switchers on this page are track-powered. There was also a track-powered U.S. Army switcher.

Chesapeake and Ohio GP switcher

Kusan catalog number 25. Chesapeake and Ohio 501 four-wheel switcher.

Minneapolis and St. Louis GP switcher

Kusan catalog number 33. Minneapolis and St. Louis, The Peoria Gateway 127 four-wheel switcher.

General Motors GP switcher

Kusan catalog number 37. General Motors 890 four-wheel switcher.

Louisville and Nashville GP switcher

No catalog number, Louisville and Nashville 3206 four-wheel switcher.

The next three switchers are battery-powered. Battery compartment access, for two C-cell batteries, is on the bottom of the engine. The black switch on top of the engine controls power and direction - forward, off and reverse. There were also battery-powered Air Force and Gravy Train switchers.

Kusan light green GP switcher

Kusan catalog number 32. Kusan light green battery-operated four-wheel switcher.

Kusan dark green GP switcher

Kusan catalog number 32. Kusan dark green battery-operated four-wheel switcher.

6800 GP switcher

No catalog number or road name, 6800 battery-operated four-wheel switcher.

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