Kusan Non-Train Collectibles

Except for the ashtray, items on this page were obtained from the William McClain estate. Mr. McClain was president of the Kusan Corporation when toy train manufacturing began in 1954.

Kusan ashtray

Kusan ashtray is three and five-eighths inches square.

Kusan paperweight

Kusan paperweight is three inches in diameter. It was the personal property of Mr. McClain, and he reportedly used it regularly on his desk.

Kusan Waterford crystal goblet

Kusan Waterford crystal goblet. Originally, there were two sets of four goblets. The sets were used as Kusan employee awards in 1959.

Kusan Josten's pewter tea service

Kusan Josten's solid pewter tea service with wood tray. All three pewter pieces, and the wood tray, are engraved with "Kusan." This service was personally owned by Mr. McClain and likely given to him by Josten's as a sample.

Kusan letterheads box end

Kusan box end of 500 Letterheads. The box label indicates they were printed by Marshall and Bruce Company of Nashville, Tennessee.

Kusan letterheads with box top removed

Kusan letterheads box with the top removed. See the next photo down on this page for a letterhead close-up.

Kusan letterhead close-up

Kusan letterhead close-up showing Kusan Manufacturing Company  Eddy Lane  Franklin, TN 37064  615-794-1573  A Division of Kusan, Inc.

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